New Haven Carpet Cleaning

New Haven carpet cleaning is one of the premier carpet cleaning businesses in all of Connecticut. There are many companies that can try and rival the quality inconsistency of New Haven carpets, but they don’t come close. Whether you are looking for a large industrial job with multiple rooms or whether it’s for a small residential home needing just one room cleaned, the people down at Newhaven carpet can get the job done.

New Haven carpet cleaning provides one of the most excellent services in the Newhaven Westhaven East Haven, Orange, North Haven, and all the other surrounding areas including jobs at Yale University. Understanding that a clean carpet can make the difference, at times, between a clean house and a messy house. Getting rid of those old spills, stains, dirt, faecal matter, mildew, wine stains and so much more–Will make your carpets good as noon saving you both time and money in the long run so you do not need to replace your carpets completely.

  • Rad Residential Rates. We offer residential carpeting cleaning services that span from basement apartments to gigantic mansions, at great prices!
  • Commercial Carpets are Cool. We do commercial jobs for office buildings, hotels, conference rooms, casinos and more.
  • Done-for-you Deodorization. We will get that smell out your carpet so well, that you might just want to lay on the floor and breathe in the freshness, all day long.
  • Mildew and Mold Removal. The leading cause of smelly carpets and an unhealthy home is mold inside your carpet fibers. We have years of experience removing carpets of mold and mildew – so call us!
  • Flood damage is no fun. If you have had a pipe break, or some heavy rain get into your house, your carpet may be in trouble! Don’t let that water sit in there, call us to suck it out, and clean it at the same time!
  • Construction carpet cleanup. A remodeling, painting, renovation or any kind of construction job will get fumes, dust, and worse into your carpet – so call us to get the carpet cleaned up properly!
  • No stain is too big a pain. Wine, pet stains, nail polish, juice – all good. Our professional carpet cleaning team has it covered, all we need is your phone call!

Call New Haven Carpets on 860-956-3225

Brisbane Australia CNC Machining

The tool machining industry in Australia has been an industry that is increasingly disappearing to overseas markets. CNC Machining in Australia unfortunately could be a dying trade, which is why we selected Industrial Tool Services for our WICKED GIRAFFE company of the month!

Companies like this at the dying breed of an industry is trying to succeed where Chinese companies are able to do things for a lot cheaper. This sort of companies are The ones that we need to back in local industries to help build local economies. When we continually export our local work overseas we might be able to cut costs yes but that does not help local businesses strengthen and developed over time. Giving our industrial work to an overseas company over local companies will save us a couple of sense on the dollar but overall won’t help us build a strong business.

Taking into consideration the level of development and work it takes to produce machinists like to make is CNC machiners, lathe workers, milling machine turners, and other fabricators you have to look within that whole structure and ask yourselves is Australia continuing to produce these people with skill sets like these or are we outsourcing those positions and job markets to other countries. Every single time that we take our work overseas the client takes their fabrication job to another country that is one less person required in the Australian job industry that is able to do that sort of work. Right now that does not seen like a destructive end just because we still have some people able and equipped to do CNC milling and turning work. However in a couple of decades we will no longer have the work force that Is able or willing to enter into the job market that constantly has their infrastructure set the overseas.

There’s been some cases of people doing local single manufacturing work in Australia to do the hard prototyping and AutoCAD work, only to find out that upon completion that the customer has then taken that hard work done and sent it to Chinese industrial market. For a local company to be able to partner with the business, especially the large manufacturing in production line work, it would completely save and build that company to be able to be successful and hire Australian workers.

If you’re a fan of television shows like shark tank you’ll see that people like Mr wonderful Will quickly and instantly send their production over to China so that they can save a couple of cents per item. The Australian market simply cannot compete with the sorts of prices that China offers. At what point does the Australian workforce become pointless and redundant? That day is quickly approaching the more that fabricators are overlooked for smaller overhead.

The benefit of doing work with fabricators in Australia, is the ability to actually go down to the toolshop all the machine shop and to check up on the fabrication process during the middle of the system. When you do your fabrication overseas you can’t just stop over to talk with the workers about what you’re doing to make changes for edits. And if you find a fault in the product it’s most likely that you’ve had several thousand defective products made. The beauty of having that market in your neighbourhood means that you can simply going and talk to the production manager.

There are many companies that once had production lines in China but I’m now coming back to Australian markets just because the quality is so much higher. Chinese fabrication markets do not go through the rigourous training Systems like the Australian market. Every CNC machinist have to go through an apprenticeship to be able to be fully qualified to run the HAAS VF2 systems. The vertical and horizontal automated machining beds take a long time to learn the entire systems, they aren’t something that you want unqualified people running for you especially when you have a very expensive products being made by them.

Industrial Tool Services is a company based in Meadowbrook which is a southern suburb of Brisbane. They dedicated to offering some of the best Products and services to your manufacturing needs. You can contact them at any time and they’ll be sure to call you back as soon as possible. These guys are some of the best in Brisbane and even on a national scale of Australia. If you have a once off prototype that you want to turn into something that can be placed on the production line did these guys are definitely the company to talk to.

Industrial Tool Services
3/57 Nealdon Dr, Meadowbrook QLD 4131
(07) 3200 9971

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Arthritis Reducing Compounds

Human Body is like a machine which require the write quality of food and proper service so that it can keep working for a long time without ding tolled with pain. People, nowadays, have been too reluctant to take part in physical exercises because of their work commitments and busy schedules. To add more to it, they tend to work mentally more than using their body organs properly. Body organs require proper movement for a certain period of time so that they keep their flexibility and efficiency. More to it, the food that people eat is more like stuffing their bellies with calories than providing their body with immunity to resist against threatening diseases. Due to this people have been facing too many problems, such as heart diseases, brain issues, mental stress, and body pains. The last is seen in many in comparison to the earlier mentioned items.


Among the factors mentioned above, body pain, or much threatening, arthritis become biggest issues for those people who are used to taking heavy medicines, capsules and drugs. It is not easy to detect but its primary symptoms are joint-discomforts, inflammation, swelling of joints and lack of flexibility in moving body parts.


There are very few in terms of rectifying this problem thoroughly, however, you can take medications and joint supplements to reduce the impact of pain. Here we will discuss about primary ingredients that are being used to manufacture these joint supplements.


Firstly, glucosamine, which is the primary ingredient in joint supplements. Glucosamine is an amino sugar which is found around cartilage cells. Research says that glucosamine is responsible to produce cartilage and several different connecting tissues to the joints which increase mobility of bones and enable them to glide over each other. Especially if you are suffering from knee pain, glucosamine supplements are best to reduce your pain.


Arthritis attacks cartilage to soak out fluid and create joint discomfort. Cartilage needs to retain water and for that chondroitin sulphate is the best option. It is a complex carb which fulfill cartilage’s needs and improve its working by strengthening it against shocks. Chondroitin is helpful to fight against osteoarthritis and improve the working of joints.


Research suggests that both supplements, in combination, are more beneficial than if taken individually. Therefore, there are quite a lot of joint supplements which are prepared with a mixture of both glucosamine and chondroitin for better results.


For healthy connective tissues, another ingredient which is used frequently has been MSM (Methylsulfonylmethane), which is sulfur compound. While arthritis creates inflammation in body parts to reduce fluid and damage cartilage, MSM acts as an anti-inflammatory agent that also helps to increase blood flow. It is helpful to increase flexibility of muscles and reduces swelling around joints.


Many supplements are prepared of all the three ingredients. However, as they are prepared in limited quantity, it is important to know about their authenticity and about the dealer who are selling these items. Looking to the needs of the people, some websites with good reputation are offering these products and supplements online. You can place your orders and have these products delivered at your door steps easily.


Research Paper Help

Writing a research paper is probably the hardest of all the hardest projects any professor can give their students. Especially when you are that student that is already finding a hard time dealing with your school needs. Especially when you are that student who has a little problem in grasping things inside your head. Then the news of a research paper is enough to make your whole world crumble. You feel like it’s the end, there is no more hope for you. You already have enough on your plate, you are only asking for dessert and they gave you another full meal instead. Well worry no more for there is already a research paper help that can get you through this dilemma.

A research paper requires research but it is not just any research. It is the kind of research that is deep and thorough. And this deep and thorough research does not happen in a flash. This means you have to read this book and that book and one other book, all the books that is related to your topic. It can also mean going to this library and that library, and another library. It may sometimes require interviews from people who can considered as experts in your chosen topics. And of course you must not forget to take all the important notes down in your handy notebook while you are doing all of reading and running from here to there. You do not want to forget the important facts that are crucial to your research paper. Then there is the elimination process where in you have to filter all the important information you have gathered to the most important facts you really need for your topic. This is the hardest part in whole research paper flow. Because this is where you will really do all the thinking, all the decision making you need. Brainstorm. Considering this one fact will really back up your whole research but it will also open doors to another idea that is completely out of subject. Or yes, maybe choosing this another important information really focuses on your topic but as you try to go there your ideas are becoming very little and you might end up having the most boring research paper because you cannot say anything about it anymore that is interesting enough.

Imagine all the time you need to spend in this very stressful task of writing a research paper. All the strength you need to pour out, all your brain cells that you need to activate just to ensure you will come out of it alive and productive. These are all the research paper help can take away from you. Getting this kind of help will not only ensure you the best research paper you could ever write but it will also ensure you of the free time you can use for other major subjects that you need to tackle. This is exactly the help you need to have a problem free and successful school year.

SEO At Its Best

If you are looking to devise a marketing strategy for your business, do not forget to include SEO services in your plan. SEO (search engine optimization) services are marketing strategies that provide the basis of strong brand marketing and presence on the internet. In order to give yourself a chance to maximize your sales, increase your revenues and improve number of customers for your brand the best thing to do is to find an SEO company that offers legitimate methods of search engine optimization, like My Optimal SEO. This virtual SEO company has been flourishing day in and out because of its well devised solutions to several different kinds of businesses. Some of them are mentioned below:


  • App developers: The company takes pride in serving one of the best app developers in the world who have   been associated with some of the world’s top manufacturing and service providing companies. App development is an art which is made famous by SEO companies by writing a lot about it and enabling businesses to acquire them and make more profits.

  • Financial consultants: Online financial consultancy is something which is a saturated market online. Online financial consultants are always in need of unique practices to be able to rank themselves top of the charts. Therefore, My Optimal SEO provides invaluable services through content generation and social media marketing to give them enough to be seen at the top of search engines.

  • Herbal products: They have been present in small number for quite a long time but online herbal product retailers got people’s attention after getting true SEO services. They had difficulties introducing themselves in the markets where people were not aware of them. Thanks to My Optimal SEO and other services similar to it that this niche has achieved worldwide recognition. Now these online stores are always busy delivering their products to the world at large. Competition is getting tougher day by day therefore, they are in constant need of SEO to spread information of their unique products.

  • Steel and glass installation servicesIt would rather seem unusual to some people going online to order fixtures and steel and glass installations. The concept of SEO has made it possible for them to do so. There is large variety of websites representing steel and glass business. They were there on the web with limited scope as the people used to feel comfortable referring to them in person. Now that the trend of online shopping and home delivery is made famous by social media, people want each and every product, from pin to plane, on the internet. My Optimal SEO understood the basic needs of various steel and glass providers and went on to develop their websites and market their services through appropriate link building and content generation and made them worthwhile brands of steel industry.

  • Inflatable jumper retailers: The concept of inflatable jumpers may not be new to United States but to the world it certainly has been and it is just because of the internet and invaluable SEO services that made this business reach out to the world.

Properties In Hamptons

No one knows since when businesses have been added up with several different kinds of activities to increase the volume of customers. Not too much under monopolistic competition, businesses a rather keen to battle out customers in perfectly saturated markets where competition is sweaty and require smart tactics to gain on their number of customers. Perfect competition is well described with the help of real estate business which is far more traditional and universal in its approach and selling techniques than any other business around the world. Real estate business lacks diversity of techniques when it comes to service providing to the masses. However, not all the places are the same. There are few exceptions where you will be able to find a mix of modern and traditional services, such as hampton properties.

It is the present trend that people are showing interest in saving their valuable time by taking online help and support from virtual stores to buy or sell products and services. Majority of real estate businesses have developed quite attractive websites compact with variety of direct and indirect property services online. among real estates websites, is more advanced and user oriented as it has every information a property websites could require. You can either go through a long list of attractive places and properties or can use advanced property locator to find the property according to your requirements. Apart from the information on buying and selling there are more to have on the website.

Rosehip partners is the name of the firm which runs at the back of The company enjoys great reputation and has some of the biggest hamptons’ names in their list. So as the staff and associates who are an undoubted experts of the trade and can provide you valuable tips about the property. Right from the point you enter on the website you can see a great literature to improve your knowledge base. How to buy or sell a property has been well elaborated on the page and well executed in the offices of hamptons properties.

Title researches, survey specialists, brokers, agencies and property lawyers are there to assist you with any kind of property issue you like to discuss. While you can mention your concerns over the phone, pay a visit to them or to have an email coordination with them, you will not once feel disappointed of their response. All the registered properties on the website have been well traced and searched for defects in documentation and legalities. Once you choose the best option for you, the details will be provided to you for further consideration. You will have thorough analytical report with recommendations and references to help you develop your hypothesis about the property and decide about it.

Support and assistance on every single step is the real thing which is worth admiring. You can receive valuable support throughout property transaction process without any hurdle.


Be Wary These Are Known To Make A Title Defective!

Closing of real estate property is an exciting event and it is full of dynamism and thrill. It also has an essence of buying a new property and a touch of huge monetary transfer. Finding a suitable Title Company helps you to manage the process agility and make it precise and accurate. However, are you aware of factors that create an adverse effect on Title while making it defective? Caution on every level is necessary in these high value transactions. Inconvenience at any stage is a major concern and it is definitely unaffordable at such crucial moments.


FORGERY – Forgery is one of the oldest methods of cheating on others. During the process of closing, any forged document is definitely capable of creating a major concern. Forgery and fraud may hit in any form and any orientation, causing a financial turmoil. However, verifying each document is resourceful and helps you to stay away from forgery.

INAPPROPRIATE DOCUMENTATION – Your Closing agent may process documentation inaptly and create a concern during the closing process. Every closing undergoes a typical process and missing vital flow causes a disturbance. In fact, at times it may turn the title defective. Finding the apt closing agent or title agency is very essential for smooth completion of the process.

FALSE AFFIDAVITS – Many times people pledge and create false affidavits for certain monetary benefits. In your case, if you come across such counterfeit document, it may result into voiding of the title. There are legal proceedings against the cheating; however, such documents spoil your processing.

CLAIMS BY UNKNOWN HEIRS – During the closing deal, unknown heirs may create a complication and make the proceeding difficult. Such entities claim their rightful share and make the process very complicated on multiple layers. Therefore, it becomes a huge hindrance in completing the deal on previously agreed terms. Sometimes, these unknown heirs have a rightful share and thus the closing becomes impossible without their participation. It also leads in cancellation of the title.

INACCURATE PROPERTY DETAILS RECORDING – Inaccurate recording of property details creates a hindrance in claiming the title of the property. However, the situation is controllable if both parties agree to rectify these records to make them appropriate. The process may turn lengthy due to additional participation of the authorities and people. Checking the validity of documented details of the property is a definitive means to stay away from titles being defective.

SHARED TITLE – If the seller is not alone title holder and needs consent of other title holders, then in such cases the title may turn defective if any of the title holders refuses to process the closing for any reason. In addition, it may add complications to the process making it very tough and irresoluble.

Life decisions are crucial especially when lots of money, time, and energy are involved in it. Make sure to find competent Title Company like for a smooth closing process. The Genuine Title Company offers a unique service during the paperwork and assures the right involvement of essential elements.

Writing is Not a Burden Anymore

People have been too busy with their lives to concentrate on their skills and make them better. For instance, writing is something not everyone is familiar with. There were instances when people used to call me to write their cover letter, applications to the high officials of government departments, prepare their notes and reports and recently, some of my colleagues requested me to prepare their resumes for them. After all this, I wonder why they are not that competent to write something from their own. My observation told me that it is not their competence that matters for them, it is their assumption that they are incompetent to write. Lack of confidence in the abilities may well turn out to be a necessity that remains with you for a life time. However, luckily for them, it will not be the same world as it used to be.

Ever since internet was introduced, because of the element of discover things and with a resource utilization motives, it has been used quite frequently by the people. In their own capacity, people have tried to maximize its use by adding it, rather associating it with different aspects of their lives. As the trend shows, innovation always come from the west followed by east, people started using internet primarily for the purpose of information. At that point of time, to their conservativeness, the people of east perceived it as a luxury. Instead of all criticism and appreciation, a medium that was considered as a fool’s idea of time wasting became a world itself, known as cyber world.

It is now used by everyone as the basic part of individuals’ activities. These individual can be those who merely use it to enjoy happy moments of life, or they can be world’s renown business entities that use it as a potential market of online products and services. To relate to what I mentioned in earlier lines, internet is now being used to provide valuable and most sought, writing services. Student can now take a sigh of relief as they have online writing assistance at their reach without being too worried of searching people in the libraries. Now they can have best written essays and research papers without any doubt of copied content and fear of rejection.

Business Card Crush is among top online writing services, specifically designed to facilitate writing necessities of students. It has been gaining popularity rather quickly due to its quality written material, depth of essays, span of research and adherence to some of well acclaimed and acceptable writing standards.

With the staff; able enough to satisfy any kind of writing assistance, versatility of writing styles, proven statistical techniques used and validated information; this online writing service always has an edge over its competitors.

The website ensures 24/7 services with strong commitments over time and quality. In addition to this, it provides well thought and easy to use payment options and affordable prices to its users. If you have any kind of writing need, try this website to have a nice little experience.


Improve the Look with Railings

The thing that not only adds safety to your house or office but also makes it look beautiful and it will not be an exaggeration to say that it can completely change the outlook of your house or office is the glass or stainless steel railings. All this installation of railings whether of any kind, falls under the shadow of interior designing. Therefore when it comes to your house or office these two are the most valued assets of one’s life, which a person achieves after a lifetime of hard work devotion and sometimes even sacrifice so anything which is related to it must be the best. The same goes with the interior designing  of the house or office because it is the most important asset for you and if something can change its entire look then it has to be the best.

The thing that has a very big impact as far as interior design of your house or office is concerned is the glass or stainless steel railings. Now let us consider the fact that what is at stake, it is either your home or office and you cannot compromise on any one of them. Therefore it is essential for you to choose the best in the business as far as interior designing of your house or office is concerned. One of the best interior designing services that you can opt for when it is related to your house or office is If you are looking to give your house or office a new and improved look and want some professional help then look no further because at moggone all your interior designing needs for your house and office will be satisfied and answered. Let us just take the example of stainless  steel railings and how it can be useful in changing the look of your office or house in a very pleasant way if done properly and professionally. There are a lot of advantages of having these railings installed in your house or office, some of these advantages are following. If you are very tight with your budget you can always go for these railings and say goodbye to all your worries because these railings are relatively cheap, therefore they will be very cost effective if you are running low on your budget. Another factor why you should opt for these railings is that these railings are very easy to clean and you do not have to worry about the cleanliness of these railings anybody can clean them at any time. As we all know that stainless steel is the most trusted material for the contractors or architects as far as construction is concerned and it is due to its durability. So another advantage of installing these stainless steel railings is their durability. So if you are loking to get stainless steel railings installed into your house or office get the best in the business to do it of you which can be none other than

The Braking System of your RV

In fact, getting such information on the market and on the RV parts and accessories is something that is not that easy to get. People are likely being confused by the huge number if places that offer giving such information. Even the market of the RV products and accessories is not the easy and simple place where you will be able to easily get what you want. If you are one of those who suffer of being lost when using their RVs, you are recommended to spend some time reading the RV Accessory News website.

The RV accessory news website provides you with all what you need to know about in the world of RVs. We are a free service and you are welcome to always get back to us whenever you need something about your RV. We are a part of the famous website RV upgrades, and we are dedicated on making people enjoy using their RVs.

When you are travelling with your RV, you could get lost when you don’t know the way to the place where you are going. It would be really nice if you could find the place where you are going in an easy way because when you do this, you will be making your trip a more enjoying trip for you to make. You can do this when you buy a GPS device which is the product that will be helping you do this. The best thing about the GPS devices is that they are handheld devices and they are very small, so you will never care about the space in your RV. Whenever you buy something for your RV, you should have in your mind the space that this product or accessory is going to be taking inside the storage area of your RV.

It is important that you make sure that you are having a good braking systems before you buy a GPS device. It is recommended also that you buy and install curtains and drapes for your RV. This will work on making your RV more beautiful and looks great. This is not the only benefit that you get when you buy curtains and drapes, when you do this, this will work also on saving energy for your RV. Because curtains and drapes will be decreasing the amount of heat that is entering your RV from the sun, and this will make your AC system use less energy so as to be adjusting the temperature of your RV and have in mind that all of this depends on you having a good braking system.

Instagram – Handy Marketing Tool

Instagram is something new to the social media market but the growth that it has shown is nothing short of impressive. It has hardly been 3 years since this amazing app emerged and has never looked backed since then. Instagram provides a total new way of interacting and engaging with your customers online. This is done through pictures and a small message that goes with it. During a span of just 2 years, this app has been warmly embraced by business all around the world. According to a recently published report a major chunk of businesses use Instagram; especially those which gives due importance the online world and social media.

Instagram is not just another buzzword in the business but it is here to stay. The reason why we say this is because it has grown from scratch to 100 million users worldwide in just 3 years. Remember that facebook and twitter we know today started in early 2000’s. This app is not looking straight into the eyes of its competitors yet but its progress has made it a serious online marketing tool.

Here is our list of how to market your business on Instagram

1- Represent Life-Style

Instagram use pictures to tell a story or communicate a message. This has been wonderfully done by Red Bull, which aims to convey a strong message through sets of pictures from both the users and followers of their profile and content generated by the company itself. While using this app we advise our readers to generate and upload pictures, which represent values and communicate a message.

2- Creativity

An example of creativity and Instagram together is best shown by starbucks. The company has gathered a staggering 892,000 followers of its profile. The coffee company is always engaging its audience and creating brand awareness through a set of bright colored and beautifully captured images. It is really amazing how followers can start conversations extremely beneficial for the business as seen on starbucks Instagram activities.

3- Be Original

It is very important that you use this app not because it’s trendy. It is in trend off course but your content is what matters as well. Try to put pictures, which highlight the originality of your business. Burrbery is in business of fashion products for more than 150 years and needs no telling. Yet, this company has an amazing presence on Instagram, highlighting its true value and benefiting from being original.

4- Text to image

We advise our readers to try various apps designed for adding text to you image. Light humor in your text can be best shown with witty yet decent lines.

5-Behind the Scenes

Photos are interesting if they tell something new. Try to present an image of your business that is not known to the world. An idea would be to take few photos while your most hardworking employee is busy working or anything “behind-the-scene” in nature.

6- Hashtags

Twitter doesn’t own hashtags. Use hashtags on instagram to find out about what people like to share the most. You can also use these to highlight and create a trend so that more users can use it and make it famous.

7-Buy Followers

There are companies, which can provide you with the needed start on Instagram. You may buy cheap instagram followers from them. Cheap is only because these companies charge a nominal fee for their services.

Appsulting Can Bring Wonderful Results

Appsulting is a great tool to reach out to people. Companies like the New York Times would have been smarter to reach to teams that develop mobile apps a lot sooner. A lot of people out there are going to start trading different currencies out there and the use of a great app can make a big difference when you are trying to find ways to launch a company.

Mobile app development is going to raise the bar. People want to be able to look up nutritional fast food on their mobile phone. These apps can be very complex, but they don’t need to be if you are trying to appeal to different consumers out there, The team at Appsulting can make you app flashy, but it can remain very basic and functional if that is what the consumers want.

An app can help people know when someone has checked out your business. It is true that people know where to go when they want to be able to find a steak in a town that they know, but when they are a tourist things can certainly change. You have to be able to make sure that people are aware of your business and blogs that can be set up for you. Appsulting can help you set up a wordpress app.

A large business owner has to be able to trust different apps when it comes to the world of marketing. Marketing will continue to evolve and people must know that when they are running a business that the right employees are keeping track of the marketing department. Appsulting can play a role in your company’s marketing department.

Leadership skills need to be taught on a regular basis. The best apps are something that can have an impact on the educational system. College professors can have apps developed for them and then have the apps loaded on their iPhone. Education will change because of the great work that companies like Appsulting do.

Growth is something that can make a difference to someone that needs to be highlighted. How did you get to that growth? How do you reach out to people that helped you with that growth? Appsulting can definitely play a role in that growth.

The private sector may have different standards than the public sector. The public sector can still use these different apps for a variety of purposes. Bookkeeping can be an extremely large expense for a company. You want to make sure that your budget can truly handle the expense associated with different bookkeeping apps. People can find alternative to Quickbooks because those alternatives are out there. Appsulting can develop a bookkeeping alternative to the traditional apps related to the same, boring brands out there. It is time for something fresh and Appsulting is going to offer that fresh option. Mobile marketing is going to continue to flouring and a lot of executives are going to look at their bottom line as they are on the run. A great app is simply very hard to turn down.

The Giraffe

Eating Habits

Tallest of all mammals, the giraffe attains an overall height of 18 feet (5.5 meters) or more. An unmistakable animal, it has a comparatively short body and very long legs and neck.
Head to shoulder length is approximately 13′ for the male. Shoulder height is 8-12′, overall height 15-19′. Weight is 1,100-2,800 lbs.

The back slopes downward to the hindquarters, and the neck, despite its length, contains only the seven vertebrae typical of most mammals including man.

The tail measures up to one yard with a terminal tuft of stiff, black hair. Males and females have stiff manes on their neck.

Two to four short, skin covered horns are present in both sexes and there is a central swelling, between the eyes, which in northern giraffes is almost as long as the horns.
These bones are present at birth in the form of small knobs of cartilage covered with skin and hair which become bony nodules with age.

photograph courtesy
Philip Greenspun

They have long prehensile tongues (like hands) that measure 18-21 inches long. The inner part of the tongue is pink in color, and then changes to a purplish-black color for the last 6 inches that are commonly visible.

The coat is pale buff, covered to a greater or lesser extent with reddish-brown spots that range from regular and geometric in some forms to irregular and blotchy, or leaf-shaped, in others. Many subspecies have been described based on coat pattern and the size and number of horns.d

The giraffe feeds primarily on thorny acacia (a-kay-sha) leaves; they also consume twigs and bark. Their prehensile tounges and leathery mouths enable them to gather these treats.

Giraffes do get thirsty, but it is almost difficult for them.
To reach the ground or to drink, it must bend or spread its fore legs very far, looking like they are about to fall. Going for a month without water is also possible as an adaptation to long drought periods in their native areas.

Giraffes have high blood pressure (240/160) for pumping blood to the brain.
The carotid artery that carries blood from the heart to the head is thick, muscular and elastic, ballooning when the giraffe stoops to absorb increase in pressure. When the giraffe raises its head, a series of check valves in the inch-wide jugular vein prevents a sudden back flow from the emptying brain.

Its gait, because of its long stride, is swifter than it appears; about 30 miles (48 kilometers) per hour is reached at a gallop.

Giraffes usually sleep standing up for 20 minutes at a time.

Giraffes are non-seasonal breeders, usually producing one precocial calf after a gestation period of 14-15 months.
Birth height is 5½-6′, birth weight is 87-107 lbs. They become sexually mature between 3 and 4 years of age and have a life span of about 25 years (30+ in captivity). Full body size is not reached until age five.
The giraffe has keen sight, smell, and hearing. They may see red-orange, yellow-green, purple, green and blue as colors.

Its main predator, other than the human being, is the lion. Fortunately, when defending itself, the giraffe kicks with its heavy hooves, which are powerful enough to take lion’s head off, and slams with its head. Other predators are leopards (prey on young) and lions.
Giraffes are most vulnerable to predators when drinking or lying down.

Males fight among themselves by swimming their heads at one another, it is quite funny.
Herds are small and loosely constructed of 5-15 individuals, consisting of one bull with females and young. Other bulls are solitary or in pairs.

The voice of the giraffe has so rarely been heard that the animal is popularly supposed to be voiceless.
They may grunt of snort when alarmed, females may whistle to call their young, and calves can bleat.

The giraffe lives in herds in Savanna and open bush country and is native to most of Africa south of the Sahara.
Still numerous in East Africa, where it is protected, the giraffe elsewhere has dwindled in number or has been exterminated because of hunting by man.


Giraffe (Giraffa camelopardalis), is a cud-chewing, hoofed mammal, it forms with the okapi, the family Giraffidae (order Artiodactyla). To the Romans, the giraffe was “camelopardalis,” (“camel marked like a leopard”), a term that survived in English as “camelopard.” The word “giraffe” comes from the Arabic zaràfa. As a verb it means “to jump” or “to hurry,” leading to the noun “one who walks swiftly.”

It has also been traced to an Ethiopia word that denotes “graceful one.” But its primary derivation, in the opinion of linguistic authority, stems from a source meaning “assemblage,” as in assemblage of animals.

The Greeks were more specific: they contributed its scientific name, camelopardalis (or the more common, camelopard), which literally describes a camel’s body wearing a leopard’s coat.


Eating Habits

Giraffes are highly selective browsers, feeding primarily on a variety of Acacia and Combretum Trees. Over a hundred different species may be eaten, depending on what is seasonally available. Although mostly leaves and shoots are taken, giraffes also eat flowers, vines and herbs. Giraffe have also been seen to eat weaver-bird nests with young inside, and may chew on bones, perhaps to gain additional minerals.

An average of 16-20 hours per day are spent feeding and up to 140 lbs. of fresh foods are taken. Thorns do not seem to be a deterrent to feeding; the long, prehensile, muscular tongue (which can be extended up to 18 inches), thick, gluey saliva, and special upper palate shape enable the giraffe to process thorny foods. They are ruminants with a 4-chambered stomach, which means they regurgitate their food and chew it again.

Zoo Diet: Alfalfa, ADF16 grain mix, and produce.

Fast Facts

  • The neck veins contain valves and a network of tiny veins (rete mirabile) to prevent blackouts when it lowers its head to drink. They act temporarily as collecting vessels which compensate for the pressure in the brain.
  • The giraffe’s heart can weigh more than 24 pounds.
  • The heart pumps approximately 16 gallons per minute.
  • The giraffe has twice as many blood corpuscles than we do. corpuscle
  • A corpuscle is a blood cell
  • Giraffes reach a deep sleep for 1-12 minutes.
  • In deep sleep the neck is bent backward like a handle, the chin touches the ground behind the tarsal joint of the stretched hind leg, and the lower jaw rests on the shank.
  • Usually giraffe rest standing up, flicking their ears and keeping one eye open alternately to keep alert. They have got to be ready to run away.
  • Giraffe can see miles away, communicating with distant friends.
  • When catching a giraffe, for a zoo exhibit or observation, care has to be taken to not chase them too long, because they will have a heart attack, due to their high blood pressure. So the scientists go after the younger, sprightlier giraffes most of the time. Then a blindfold is placed over their eyes, so they are not terrified even more.
  • Unknown nomadic males may stimulate serious fighting by exchanging sledgehammer blows using the side of the head.
    Rank order fights between two individuals may last for a quarter of an hour or even longer (15 minutes).
  • Giraffe males generally live peacefully beside each other after they have determined who is the strongest.
  • Giraffe’s tongues are like hands (prehensile), about 24 inches long, and black.
  • During mating season, the male giraffe nudges the female’s behind to induce urination. He then tastes the urine to see if the female is in heat.
  • Mothers give birth standing up, so the baby is dropped about six feet to the ground onto their head.
    See a giraffe birth at the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo
  • The baby giraffes are, on average, 6 feet tall when born, weighing 110-120 pounds.
    Offspring begin browsing in their first month and are rarely observed to suckle after they start eating leaves.
  • First year calf mortality is about 58%.
  • Calves may be taken by hyena, leopards and African wild dogs. But the lion is the main predator.
  • Life expectancy is 20-25 years.
  • Reticulated Giraffes are characterized by large polygons separated by cream-colored lines rather like a large net thrown over a colored ground, hence the name “reticulated” giraffe. (reticulated means ‘like a net’)
  • The word “giraffe” comes from an Arabic word, “zirafah”, which means “the tallest of all”.
    Oxpeckers or tick birds will land on a giraffe and search for ticks or insect pests to eat. This helps both the giraffe and the bird.
  • In Africa you can still find giraffe meat on some menus.
  • Giraffes drink water if it is available but can go weeks without it. Otherwise they rely on the morning dew and the water content of their food. At the water hole, up to 12 gallons may be taken in at once.

From the book
Tall Blondes – a book about giraffes” by Lynn Sherr

  • They are the tallest quadrupeds, reaching eighteen feet or more for males, a dainty sixteen feet for females. And while the bulls (males) can weigh 1.5 tons, the cows (females) are a trim .5 ton. The record for a giraffe shot by a hunter was a nine-teen-foot-three-inch bull from Kenya.
  • Their sturdy front legs appear much longer than the rear pair, because their backbone angles down toward the rump. In fact, all four legs are almost the same size, and each lands in a cloven hoof the size of a dinner plate.
  • One species of the acacia owes its name to the giraffe, and some seeds germinate only after passing through the giraffe’s digestive track.
  • Their only natural enemies are the lion and, on occasion, the hyena and the leopard. Humans – who have killed them in the name of sport, or science, or capitalism (the giraffe’s tail has been used as a flyswatter, its hide for buckets or shields) – are now forbidden by law to hunt them in the wild.
  • They are one of the only animals born with horns, which can number up to five and get bonier with age. A short, stiff mane runs the length of their neck.
  • Giraffes are not mute. They have vocal chords but rarely use them. They don’t need to. Their monumental size lets them see and communicate readily with their eyes.
  • They have no tear ducts but have been seen to cry.
  • They have never been seen to bathe.
  • A special joint enables the giraffe to raise its head vertically in line with the neck and even a bit farther back, a special feature that makes those out-of-the-way leaves easier to nibble.
    Still, for all its span, the giraffe’s neck is too short to reach the ground. As a result, the animal has to spread its legs precariously or kneel down on padded “knees” (which are really wrists) to take a drink
  • For the amble, or slow pace, giraffes move both right legs at once, then both left.
  • Child care can be cooperative, in nurseries formed by groups of cows.
  • Giraffes mature by their fourth year.
  • They can live to be almost thirty years
  • People who work with them disagree on how smart the giraffe really is, but one expert noted that “an analysis of its brain formation shows the highest development of nervous center among artiodactyls [cloven-hoofed animals]: the index of its cerebrum is 29.5 compared with 20 in wild cattle and 14 in pigs.”
Swahili Name: Twiga
Scientific Name: Giraffa
Size: 18 feet
Weight: Up to 3,000 pounds
Lifespan: 25 years
Habitat: Dense forest to open plains
Diet: Herbivorous
Gestation: Between 14 and 16 months
Predators: Humans
Swahili Twiga
French Girafe
Italian Giraffa
German Giraffe
Afrikaans Kameelperd
Zulu Indlulamethi